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Welcome to Goldenrod Academy!!

Currently under construction, stay tuned!

Current Assignment(s)!!

Assignment #1 from Sigil

Either draw a picture or write something out that pertains to a single potion type you'd like to see in Sigil's shop. Get creative and if you're writing? Be descriptive!! Draw/Describe the way the bottle looks, its colors and smell. Just have fun and make sure to describe what it does, exactly. If you want to get really creative, give a side-effect to the potion as well. We will hold a poll for the most popular potion ideas and depending on the winning potion, you'll get to see it in the shop as well as be giving your respective house 300* points towards it! The normal point system to students who complete this assignment apply, of course. So you'll have a chance to not only get the points you deserve depending on your work but also another 300 to impress your fellow classmates! ( And be the eye of envy from other houses.)

Deadline : October 1st

( The 300 points do not go to the students, only to the house name itself. )

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| | Example | | by Farorue

Click to view the example application!
Link to application download in description!




News + Updates

Wed Sep 7, 2016, 6:19 PM by Farorue:iconfarorue:

September 7th, 2016

Changes have been made to the group overall. Applications for the group are opened indefinitely until/unless we get a large influx of interest and apps.

All of the current members of the group: If you haven't done so already PLEASE message the group with your dorm-room preference! This information is important!! There are some of you still not in a slot and we need to have that fixed ASAP.

Important!: Make it easier on your moderators to keep track of points by going into the journal with the point system and calculating the points your image would earn based on what you've done and putting it into the description of any piece you draw for the group along with your respective house! Also a link to your app in any image/work you submit is now mandatory.

Thank you!

- Pumpkabat

January 21st

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Hello all! This is where we'll be posting our news and updates; such as events and other announcements!!
Be sure to be on the lookout for updates on this journal! It could have key information for the future!

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